Something I Noticed On The High Street

I’m a bit nervous about my first post here  My previous post was just a hello so you can’t really count that.  This, however, is going to be earth shattering.  Or, come to think of it, it may not :)

I suppose you can’t really call my last post a post  I was just saying hello so can’t be counted.  This post is going to be something major.  Makes you sit up.  Brings a lump to your throat.

However, I don’t think I can do that.  Sorry, people, but hopefully that will be something for the next post!  This article, however, is just a bit of an observation.  When you go shopping you see places full of jewellery designed for women.  But women aren’t everyone in the world and there’s about 50% of the population who are men but the amount of jewellery that are for them is tiny, compared to jewellery for ladies.

Even more surprising is the amount of jewellery for children.  If you are lucky enough to find some pieces for kids and look closely, the quality is not as good and almost like pieces of toys.

This is on the high street, though.

On the internet it’s a better situation - you can actually get a choice of good quality pieces of kids jewellery.  And designers are getting more forthcoming by designing whole ranges for children.

Online stores don’t just cut down jewellery and realise that children have different tastes.  They actually seem to understand what kids like - often pretty, colourful and fun and good enough to catch the eye.  Pieces that are enjoyable for girls and boys.

Perhaps one day, bricks and mortar shops will figure out that they can’t just offer cheap and tacky pieces for children and get away with it.

Is this a realistic expectation?

Thanks for reading my rant - it’s appreciated.  Drop by soon for my next topic - I’m working on it as we speak!


Hello There - My First Posting

Hello and thanks a lot for coming in to read my 1st article at this brand-new blog site.

I Really am energized to make a spot that I can easily write down my insights, strategies, creativity and merely ordinary stuff!  The days are gone of pencil and paper with regards to your diary - right now it’s all virtual, baby!

Exactly who am I?  Well, I can say that I’m a student in design and I also specialise in jewelry designing mostly in silver which I really feel is a very striking, tactile material.

My idea will be to own a place where i’m able to put info down and also store it for use later.  I often browse about the web and discover locations that hold awesome material which inspire me.  Now I am going to be storing the information on these pages so we could get back to it later and don’t lose it like I may have up to now *cough*

Either way, thank you for coming by and I also hope you return again.  I’m always looking for additional information therefore if you have any recommendations then please, let me know!

Thanks and all the best, M.

All the best, M.